the capital of the great empires of the past,
maintains its strength even today and millions of tourists arriving to prove en masse
that all roads lead to Rome

Rome Town life

Rome is abounds with historical sites that are a living and breathing reminder of the Roman, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods.


Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the world's most important religious, historical and tourism cities. Rome, which has an entire country, even if the smallest in the world - the Vatican,
is a huge and bustling city that offers travelers ancient alleyways, romantic squares, magnificent basilicas, impressive colosseum and wonderful Italian food.


Here you can enjoy the best of Italian food - fine pastas, high quality pizzas, homemade ice creams. Rome has many restaurants with Michelin stars, but you can also enjoy cheap popular restaurants serving generous meals at sane prices.
Rome is truly one of the pearls of Italian cuisine (although you can find a variety of menu types from all corners of the globe). The city offers a golden culinary opportunity and, no less important, a high standard of living and a range of prices, which every tourist can enjoy.


The night out in Rome will usually start with the outside. The city is beautiful at night, and the squares and fountains are crowded with groups of young people and couples enjoy romantic lighting. Beyond that, Rome also offers plenty of clubs, bars and pubs, restaurants, ice cream parlors, concert halls, theaters and everything you can ask for.

Attractions in Rome

Rome is full of attractions, with most of the city's main sights resting on the remains of the Roman Empire, masterpieces of Baroque architecture, impressive piazzas, fascinating museums, fountains and magnificent gardens.


Rome offers the best museums in the world, most of them specialize in art, but there are also museums of history, architecture and culture.
The city's museums are especially large and include unique collections, so you can spend a lot of your holidays in museums, whether in the famous Vatican Museum


Rome is an attractive destination for romantic vacations, family vacations and a favorite destination for business people. This is a city that is the glory of the architectural work, displays historical remains from the most beautiful in the world, fine restaurants, turbulent nightlife, special shopping centers, pastoral gardens and fascinating museums.

In the Italian capital you can visit some of the new wonders of the world, such as the Coliseum, climb up the Spanish Steps, ask for a wish in the Trevi Fountain and follow the Roman mythology stories.

Rome with children

Rome is full of interesting sites, where fascinating events took place in world history, which can stir up the imagination of children


Accommodation options in Rome with children are many and varied. The city is full of interesting attractions and sites and you can choose to stay close to one of our central apartments. On vacation with children it is recommended to choose a central place to stay, to save walking and difficulty for the children. In any case, we wander a lot in the city from place to place, so it is best that at least Halina be close. At the same time, the transportation in Rome is orderly and efficient and it is easy to get to various places and to find out about the city


In Rome there are quite a few beautiful sites for families, as opposed to other cities where there are quite a few tourist sites that are distinctly dedicated to the whole family and adapted to children sometimes more than adults - in Rome, the situation is different. In fact, the holiday with children will be very similar to the vacation of adults, but with accommodations, emphases and changes that will suit the visit also for children

Stay in Rome


Rome has a wide range of hotels, holiday apartments and hostels that fit every pocket. Ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to youth hostels and B & B backpackers.

When you are offered to stay in the center of Rome, consider that this is a large area, and that it is best to stay in central areas, for example in one of the apartments in central Rome


Stasher offers luggage storage in locations across the city. If you need somewhere to store your bag before or after your stay, it is €6 per bag and you can use the code SMILINGFLATS for 10% off. Bookings must be made online here

Travel to Rome


Rome has two airports serving the city: Leonardo da Vinci, also known as Fiumicino, is the city's largest and official airport. There is also a smaller airport, which mainly deals with domestic flights, but not only, in the name of Ciampino.


For a taxi ride (white cars with a registered number on the side) the airport has a fixed fee, which varies according to your destination and includes the payment of luggage for up to four passengers. Prices are the official prices according to the municipality of Rome


1FL - Lazio Regional Railway, operated by TRENITALIA. The train leaves every quarter of an hour on Monday-Friday, and every half hour on Saturday and Sunday. The train stops at several stations in Rome, including OSTINENSE, TRASTEVERE and TERMINI, so the journey takes about 55 minutes.


If you want to rent a car to get to Rome or for the whole trip, you can find different rental companies at Torre Uffici 2, after collecting luggage. It is recommended to make a comparison of prices in advance