one of the most prestigious cities in Switzerland and the world.
The city is a symbol of the beautiful and good life

Geneva Town life

Spectacular views, winning location, exemplary cleanliness and a cosmopolitan atmosphere - there are quite a few reasons to visit Geneva


Geneva is one of the most prestigious cities in Switzerland and the world. The city is a symbol of the beautiful life and beautiful beautiful places can be found in the form of flowering gardens, picturesque houses, beautiful alleys and of course the huge fountain on Lake Geneva, beside which is the famous flower clock of the city.

The city is a cosmopolitan center in which UN headquarters is located, one of the reasons for its being a popular and popular city among many visitors and it has been known as a city symbolizing neutrality


The Geneva nightlife is quite impressive. The bars are lively, the dance floors full of energy and the nights are long. The international population of the city manages to maintain a constant flow of artists from around the world, so there is no chance that you will not find anything here that speaks to you

It is also considered the most vibrant city in Switzerland. It is one of the few cities in Switzerland that goes to sleep late, and has a lively nightlife and more cafes, bars and clubs than any other Swiss city

Geneva Activities

Geneva is considered one of the most prestigious cities in the world and the center of international economy


Geneva is the capital of humanitarian tolerance and the birthplace of aid organizations, especially the UN, but with all its seriousness, it is full of unforgettable attractions and experiences, and the city is considered to be a special attraction on its own. Many lakes give it its unique beauty, you can watch the highest fountain in the world and visit museums and unique sites.


The city contains lots of banks, luxury hotels, fine jewelry, famous chocolate shops, and more. At the same time, Geneva is also known as the "Park City" and about 20% of its area is nature reserves and parks.       You can find well-kept urban parks, picturesque houses, beautiful alleys and a huge water fountain.

The city is clean and well cared for in Switzerland, and has a large number of attractions such as the Old City, a variety of museums, and of course a lot of shopping.
It is also a city of culture and art, and the city offers a variety of annual events and festivals, theater, dance and opera.

Geneva for families

In Geneva there are a variety of activities for children, most of them in nature


The playground museum is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and is intended for all ages and especially children. Instead of plenty of activities. Near the museum there is a Nestlé chocolate factory that includes tastings.

Les Corsaires - A wide range of boats for rent around the lake, pedal boat, motor boating boats, and many more.

     Ciné Lac - Screening of films by the lake outdoors during the summer months.
Bains des Pâquis is a popular bathing beach on Lake Geneva. You can swim, visit the sauna, the hammam pools, enjoy massages, Tai Chi, and a variety of cultural activities such as the music festival.

     Bastions Park is located in the city center and features monuments, statues, fountains. The park was once the botanical garden of Geneva. The park has more than 50 species of trees. There is also a restaurant and a huge chessboard.

     Eaux Vives Park is a large park with a castle built in 1750 and now serves as a luxury restaurant. Instead of a large selection of alpine vegetation and flowers.
       The microcosm - the visitors center at CERN's multimedia and interactive site runs physics workshops for children aged 14 and over.

Spend the night in Geneva


In Geneva there is a wide variety of accommodation options according to price and style. There are hotels, apartments for rent, and cheap hostels. Room rates vary by location. For the most part, the hotels are 4 and 3 stars but of course you can also find 5 stars. Apartments of course are more suitable for travelers as a family or as a group of friends. Apartments for rent can be found mostly near major attractions, in the best areas of the city.

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Travel to Geneva


Geneva International Airport is a relatively short distance from the city center, about 5 km, and offers flights to many destinations in Europe


Outside the terminal there are also bus stops from which you can leave for Geneva and other cities. Unireso line 10 arrives at Geneva Central Station


You can reach Geneva by train from many cities throughout Europe, there is a direct train connecting the airport to the train station in the city center. The length of the trip is about 5-6 minutes And the train leaves every 12 minutes or so


Geneva is not too big a city, but it is certainly a central place on the tourist map of Switzerland. This is a city whose location is optimal for those who want to explore Switzerland and Europe as well (think about the Alps, for example), so the clear recommendation for those who come to the area is to rent a car - even though driving in Geneva itself is not simple