Athens, the capital of Greece, is a Mediterranean celebration of colors, flavors and smells
and has a rich and long history from ancient times to the present

Athens Town life

Athens, the capital of Greece, is a fascinating city that, apart from history and a host of sites, also has excellent nightlife, great beaches and is also the base of departure for most of the Greek islands and trips in mainland Greece


The city of Athens offers visitors other interesting sites: Syntagma Square and the Parliament House, opposite the ceremonial guard exchange; The ancient Olympic stadium; Olympic Village and other museums. The city has become a leading tourist destination following the upgrade of its significant infrastructure, ahead of the 2004 Olympic Games and is now more convenient and friendly than ever before.


The typical Greek food is known all over the world and the Greeks are a people who love to eat, especially in the evening, outside, in the late evening and even at night you will meet many local people, but in Athens there are a number of focal points and restaurants areas, more popular and less, more and less touristy, Sulaki, Girus, Musaka, baklava, swordfish, Greek salad, garlic salad, cizikiki, steppado, grilled octopus, grilled lamb and more


The center of Athens has a large variety of entertainment venues, most of which are also open every evening during the week. The busiest days are, of course, Thursday through Saturday. The area is perceived as a more touristy area, because most of the hotels, vacation apartments and tourist centers are located there, but this does not detract from the quality and quality of the bars.

The capital of Greece, Athens, never sleeps. The Greeks love to go out, love to drink, and on weekends you can find yourself returning at sunrise. Even if you are a relaxed type, who prefer a bar or a restaurant and a small drink, or if you want to drink big and dance and more, you will find what to do

Attractions in Athens

The capital of Greece is a city with a long and glorious history, with a wealth of fascinating attractions: the temples of the gods from Greek mythology, the churches and above all - the Acropolis of course, all obligatory sites


You will also be able to avoid visiting the Acropolis and the other classical sites, such as the Parthenon and Agora temples, most of which are in the city center, as well as the vibrant Plaka district and Kolonaki district, where you can go shopping. If you do not get bored with the archaeological findings, you will also have to reach the northeastern part of the city, where the National Archaeological Museum and the Hillcottbus Hill provide an impressive view of the city.


It is hard to think of a beer with a richer history and a more fascinating cultural world than Athens. The city offers a wide range of museums, including museums considered among the best in the world, featuring works of art from different periods, offering a fascinating experience for art lovers, and historical museums that reflect the important Greek heritage


Here you will find the well-known international fashion boutiques, such as Zara and Benton, all centered on Armo Street, which begins at Syntagma Square and passes through Monastiraki Square, where a vibrant market is held on Sundays. Another market is the main market in Agora in the heart of the city, where you can buy mostly tasty delicacies. For shopping at the prestigious boutiques, stroll around the Kolonaki quarter. In the Plaka district, which you will visit after visiting the Acropolis, you can buy souvenirs - often imitations of antiquities scattered throughout the city


Athens can be used as a base for a holiday with children


Athens has a huge variety of options that can satisfy the most demanding children such as: allou park which is one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, Copacabana is one of the largest water parks in Greece, it has the third largest planetarium in the world and more,
if your children are also interested in history in general Athens is An endless treasure of great museums like the Acropolis Museum, the History Museum, the Weapons Museum and more

It is difficult to think of a destination that is more suitable for a family vacation than the Greek Islands. The Mediterranean weather is comfortable throughout most of the year, and the stay in the islands is cheap compared to other European destinations.

In addition, you can choose between an active vacation filled with excursions and activities for a relaxing holiday on the beach or a combination of the two. And the food is especially delicious so everyone can find his favorite dishes here.

Spend the night in Athens


Athens is a city full of hotels at all levels and all types of apartments and apartments offered for rent to tourists is not large, but we also have some beautiful apartments to offer you, including kitchen or kitchenette for food, balconies and children's rooms

Here we have a list of several options, all of which can be ordered online for any period from one day to one month
we will be happy to host you


Stasher offers luggage storage in locations across the city. If you need somewhere to store your bag before or after your stay, it is €6 per bag and you can use the code SMILINGFLATS for 10% off. Bookings must be made online here

Travel to Athens


The main airport of Greece and Athens is "Eleftherios Venizelos", the official distance from Athens airport to the city center is 37 km

TRANSFERS - Bus & taxi

The bus X95 is right at the exit from the terminal, you must purchase a ticket for 5 Euros, the bus travels 7/24 between the airport and Syntagma [center of Athens], departs every 10 minutes and the journey from the airport to Syntagma Square is about 60 minutes During peak hours and 35 to 40 minutes in less crowded hours

This X96 bus operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, between Athens Airport and Piraeus via Piraeus city center and back to the airport. The average travel time is approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the traffic load. In the morning hours it is more busy,

Taxis are relatively cheap in Athens. There is a fixed rate from the airport to the city center of € 38 during the day. This includes everything, luggage, fees, etc. Between midnight and 5 am, the price is 52 euros. Taxis can be found waiting at Terminal 3 of the airport


The metro connects well Athens airport with the city center, to take the metro, such as the bus line will not need to leave the airport as the metro station connected to the terminal, with the metro you can reach 18 stations in Athens, especially the central station monastiraki near Acropulois and Syntagma Square, In the metro about 40 minutes,


We do not recommend you to enter Athens with a car, since the parking arrangements in the city are complicated, but if you choose to do so at the Athens airport, there are service and sales centers for all the leading car rental companies in Greece such as avis, budget, national, euroececar and more