Smiling Flats Properties

Smiling Flats is a network of stylish and exclusive private Apartments, conceived to connect travelers with unique Apt, apartments across the globe. We have built on our extensive travel knowledge to bring together an attractive and vibrant collection of properties. Each one is hand selected for its stunning location, Our careful choices are sustained by unique relationships with the home owners.

Ira & Moriya Rockman

Born to international parents Ira & Moriya have enjoyed a truly cosmopolitan upbringing. They live with their 7 kids in the lovely Gstaad region. They embarked on a career in the travel industry in 2010 working mostly in the Gstaad valley. In 2014 they decided to go International and developped their property management project in Israel, Spain and Greece.

Holiday Rentals

Smiling Flats is specialised in Holiday Rental Management. We take care of Properties across the globe for home owners that wish to rent out their places without any hassles. We take care of everything from maintainance, bookings, welcoming, cleaning and much more. Feel free to contact us if you have a place you would like us to manage for you.


In accordance with the different locations of the properties, Smiling Flats is dedicated to organising tours, excursions and activities for its clients. They have consciously chosen luxury, comfort, privacy, as well as authentic experience.

Real Estate

Throughout our experience in the rental Business, we have access to many exclusive Apartments for Sale too. Our Customers have been asking us for years if we can help them find a Property in their favorite holiday destination. Now we can offer you some great opportunities in various countries.