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Stunning Caesarea

Caesarea is a town on Israel's Mediterranean coast. It’s known for Caesarea National Park, which includes a large Roman amphitheater and the historic port. Perfect place for the perfect relaxing and special vacation in Israel.


Caesarea is a beautiful place with a national park where amazing ancient harbor ruins and beautiful beaches. Caesarea is originally an ancient Herodian port city located on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. The site has recently been restored to create one of Israel’s most attractive and fascinating archaeological sites. The new town of Caesarea is a luxurious neighborhood of villas, whose beach, the Caesarea Aqueduct Beach is one of the best beaches in Israel.


You can find really good restaurants in Caesarea port located on the stunning beach, there is Israeli Local food, Fresh seafood, Italian and every kind of food you can dream of. Near Caesarea there is more options of good restaurants.


Caesarea is more for sightseers than bar crawlers. Still, there is some bars around the area. in Caesarea you can enjoy cold beer on the beach with live music on the background.

All Year Round Activities

Caesarea it's the best place for a relaxing and fun vacation with your family or partner. There is beautiful beaches in the area of Caesarea, wineries, Caesarea National Park that takes you back in time to the Roman period and have boutiques and restaurants, golf and more fun things to explore. In the summer months The restored Caesarea amphitheater hosts modern-day concerts.

Travel to Caesarea


The simplest and fastest way is to take an intercity bus to 2 Or Akiva interchange on the Route 2 motorway. From Tel Aviv (or intermediate points), take bus 910, running about hourly. From Haifa, take bus 910 or 947 from the Carmel Beach CBS. When you get off the bus, walk 20 minutes west (towards the sea) along the road, and you will be at the Caesarea ruins. There is a pleasant bike/foot path for this walk, separate from the road.


There is also a decent rail service that stops in Caesarea, but to get to the port and beach you’ll need a taxi (it’s only a few minutes away).


Caesarea National Park is on the coastal road, near the city of Caesarea and Kibbutz Sdot Yam and west of Or Akiva. Take the coastal road or the old Tel Aviv-Haifa highway number 2 to the interchange near the Orot Rabin power station. An alternate route is to drive to the park via Or Akiva.